Transaxle Leak--1997 Grand Caravan

Our 1997 Grand Caravan with 170K has transmission fluid seeping from the outer seal where the left driveshaft connects to the transaxle. Is there a stop leak liquid that can be added to the transmission fluid safely? Is replacing the seal a major expense? Thanks

It’s wiser to have the halfshaft removed and replace the seal. Should cost less than replacing the halfshaft as seal costs a lot less than a new halfshaft.


Nothing short of a new seal will stop that leak. If the axleshaft is in bad shape, now’s the time to replace it.

Chilton labor times for halfshaft oil seal replacement

left side 0.8hrs OEM
left side 1.2hrs “regular”

right side 0.6hrs OEM
right side 0.9hrs “regular”