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1992 Buick LeSabre Auto Trans Seals

I am loosing trans fluid but see no leaks under car. I now understand that it may be a cv seal? I found these cheap enough and comments indicate it is a easy replacement. Does anybody know where I could find directions on how to replace this seal?

My answer is in reply to your first post and the transmission has 2 halfshaft seals, not one. You need to consider other possibilities too as a leaking halfshaft seal is very obvious.

Thanks OK, will do. Thanks once again. I think I need to invest in a chiltons manual for this thing. LOL This is the wife’s car, I have a old 92 GMC Sierra v6 1400 and I can fix just about anything on it, nothing fancy at all, just a good solid farm truck. Her’s can drive me nuts. Had to remove the alternator to replace the heater inlet screw in five dollar part.

Where is the halfshaft seal located, I assume the cv seal is where the axle joing the transmission. I am still trying to find some diagrams, shop manuals or pictures online. No success yet.

Thanks again for the help,

To find the halfshaft seal, get the car raised and supported safely; slide under and follow the shaft from the left front wheel to the inner CV joint; the cup of that joint will be stuck into the transmission; and the seal will be around the shaft that enters the transmission. Usually if the seal is leaking there will be a dirt/oil trail downward. Do the same for the right half shaft.