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2005 Dodge Neon Transmission Leak

I would seem that my Neon has started a very small leak seems to be coming from the drive shafts. You may call the differentials. You may also call it a transaxle. I prefer to call them driveshafts and transmissions. I took it to a service place to take a free look at it. I do not have the equipment that they have. They put it on the hoist and when you walk under there it does look like it is coming from one of the driveshafts. They were not Tranny experts and said they could not fix it, but said it would need to be rebuilt or changed. My question is, since they are not tranny experts. Does something like this really need to be rebuilt? Is there not just a seal leaking that can be changed without a rebuild? Why would they make something like that? Just to make you pay more money to get it fixed? I did try some Lucas and then Trans X hoping that would seal it up. Lucas seemed to do nothing. Just put in the Trans X today.

The trans-axle has what are called axle seals.

You remove the axles, remove the leaking trans-axle seals, install the new trans-axle seals, and reinstall the axles.


Replace the axle seals. If a shop can’t handle this repair why would you accept advise about transmission rebuilding?

It’s a common thing on front wheel drive cars with CV joints – which I presume describes your Neon – to replace those transmission axle seals whenever servicing the axle shafts. If this was my 05 Neon, and the CV joints hadn’t been serviced yet for the life of the car, I’d kill two birds with one stone. I’d remove both axle shafts, clean, lube, and reboot all four CV joints, replace the axle seals, and re-install the two half-shafts. Then you’d be driving a car with an almost new drive shaft system.

Haha, I didn’t accept it. That is why I questioned it here. Thanks.

I am taking it to a trans expert place tomorrow. They will look at it for free. I was told it could be leaking from bad carrier bearings in the trany.

I took off pan gasket today. Did have a bad spot. Put permatex in its place. It did not seem to be leaking. Will know in the morning if I have a puddle or not.

A leaking transmission pan? I would have a talk with the guy that resealed it.

I changed the filter in January. I put the gasket that I got from Autozone on. It did not leak until recent. It does not seem to be leaking anymore.

Again today no fluid puddle on the ground. Seems to be sealed up good.