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i have an 06 pontiac g6 with nearly 70k miles. about a year ago, i noticed the car jerking between first and second gear. more recently, the car was jerking into gear when i shifted into drive or neutral… i’m afraid i’m asking this question too late because i’ve already spent the $1500 on a new (used) transmission… and it’s still doing the same thing. before leaving the lot, the mechanic said that the car is no longer jerking between first and second, but conceded that it is still jerking when put into gear… it’s definitely still jerking…all the time. any suggestions?

Do you know whether anyone put a scanner on it to see whether the computer is “Commanding” full line from the transmission?? There are certain conditions where the computer will command full line pressure from the transmission to protect it from destroying itself. Also, other things such as a bad TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) will cause higher line pressures from the transmission.