Jerking feeling while accelerating -Aztec transmission?

I’m wondering if something may be wrong with my tranmission…

I drive a 2005 Pontiac Aztec. Around 10-15mph, and then again around 30 mph the vehicle jerks as though I am driving a stick shift. It is also more noticable in warmer weather.

That harsh shifting could very well be computer controlled. What happens is when the computer picks up a problem in the transmission it automatically maxes out line pressure in the transmission to protect it from destroying itself. What you need to do is get the computer scanned for code/s. Post the codes back here and we can go from there.


I suggest you follow transman’s advice.

He’s the expert.

I would ask, "How many miles on your Aztek, and have you ever had the transmission serviced (replacement of fluid/filter)?

I will get the computer scanned on Monday. I have 96,000 miles on the Aztek and have the fluids checked routinely. Thanks to both of you. Will report back :slight_smile: