Trans pan drop


I’m changing the transmission filter in my 01 grand prix gt. Anyone know what to torque the pan back too?


I can’t swear to your vehicles’ specs, but the trans pan bolts in my '02 Tahoe are 97 in-lbs.

Another way is to tighten snug (use a criss-cross tightening sequence)
each bolt then repeat 1/4 turn more. Check for leaks after running tranny fluid up to normal operating temp.


Anyone know where the spec sheets are located online?


It is just a light hand twist, more than that will deform the pan. 97 in-lbs is common for transmission pans. I doubt you have any instrument that will measure less than 10 FT/LB, so why does it matter?


The spec is 10 ft lbs.



Do you know what that translates to in In-lbs. I have a torque wrench you can preset. If not i’m sure I can look it up.


There are 12 inches in a foot, so it is therefore 120 inch-pounds.