Ford C6 xmission tech question

Anyone know the torque specs for the oil pan bolts on an old C6 ford transmission? …I’m thinking… approx. 8 lbs?

If these bolts are 5/16" shank diameter then 8 lbs sounds about right. If you’re using a cork gasket instead of rubber or cellulose it’s not a bad idea to do this twice.
With cork the gasket will relax after a bit and this may cause the bolts to become a bit loose.

And if the bolt holes on the pan are dimpled towards the trans case be sure to flatten those out before installing the pan or it will leak anyway.

Thnx. Your answer addressed another dilemma I had as well. I had ordered a new WIX filter for it, and- not knowing it also came with a cork pan gasket- I also ordered a Felpro pan gasket, which turned out to be rubber. Hence, I was left with the question of whether to use the cork, or rubber. I’ve typically used cork (w/sealant) for gaskets in the past, but I figure I might experiment and use the rubber one this time.

Rubber is superior to cork for this application. Don’t overtighten the bolts.

“Don’t overtighten the bolts.”

Hence the reason for my original question.

Thanks for the rubber confirmation!

I refuse to use cork gaskets anymore due to a few problems. I don’t know if the quality of cork has degraded or what but the last couple of cork transmission pan gaskets I used (10 years or so ago) leaked.

This leak was not due to the gasket being misaligned, cut due to overtightened bolts, distorted pan or anything of that nature. It was due to transmission fluid actually continuing to ooze through the material itself; just like a sponge.

Yea, I throw that cork away too. If you have an INCH pound torque wrench, tighten the pan bolts to 95" (INCH) pounds.