Ford F-150 Trans. Pan Bolt Torque

Hi everyone,
I’m finally getting around to replacing the trans. fluid in my truck and was just wondering if anyone would know the correct torque for the bolts on the trans. pan. The truck is a 1977 F-150, 4x4 with a 351 Modified in it. The trans. has the 17 bolt pattern, but I do not remember the name of that trans. If anyone would know the torque on those bolts for when I put it back on I would appreciate it. I don’t want to be breaking/stripping anything.

120 in/lbs.


Tester, do you know if these bolts require seal packing, as do mine???

Packing seal is just another name for a form-in-place gasket. Such as the Right Stuff.

You may need this on your transmission because the holes for the tranny pan bolts may go straight thru to the internals of the transmission. But the Ford C6 tranny pan mounting holes are blind holes. So no packing seal is required.


You may be right about the thru holes, but packing seal seals the threads. It doesn’t form a gasket, but is applied to the bolts themselves rather than the gasket surface.

Anyway, thanks for posting back. It never occurred to me that the added sealing on the threads might be due to thru holes. I learn something new every day.