Trans fluid foamy

I haven’t changed trans fluid in my 2000 town and country since i bought it used 3 years ago from dealer. yesterday driving home from th beach with the kids it rrefused to upshift out of 1st. pulkled over checked fluid, foamy still pinkish . got home home error code was P 605 or something trans Control Module error memory . Any thoughts?

Yes, stop driving it, you’re destroying the transmission. Tow it to a good independent shop, not a national chain transmission place. This one is not something for the average DIYer.

Is it overfilled?? How many miles on it??


Foamy fluid means that air has gotten into your fluid. Which means that whoever changed your fluid is at fault. Go back and have the fluid replaced, correctly this time. Make angry faces and make up names of lawyers.

went to 2 local shops, each said same thing new trans, no diagnostics, just drove car around the block.Put my own code reader on it came up Trans Control module. went to Auto Zone and they scanned it came up with same results. Part costs $ 267.

did not change fluid, did not over fill. was driving normal,went through toll booth and just wouldn’t shift up. 80K Mi, trouble code P 0609 or something like that Trans Control Module. Looked up some info and it has a limp home safe mode. won’t go above 40 MPH. Drive fine on local street. I’m hoping I don’t need a whole new trans. . Local shops took one look and said rebuild!

did not change fluid. read post again

How often have you checked your trans fluid in the past? If you have, did it look a lot different this time? Just how foamy was it?

Don’t just replace the TCM based on a code. This will likely just add about $300 to your real repair bill.

I would try to get the local transmission shop/s to be just a bit more helpful and forthcoming about why they want to replace the trans. I’m thinking that their real reasoning is that the van is 11 yrs old and - probably - has high mileage (I didn’t see you report it). For them it probably seems like the only smart thing to do.

The other thing I would do is locate all of the connectors for the transmission controls, including the TCM connector. I would disconnect my battery, clean up all of those connectors, plug it all back in & see what happens. Disconnecting your battery will clear out the memory and should take you back out of limp mode. When/if it happens again, then take it to the trans shop. Don’t ask them to diagnose the transmission. Just tell them you want it scanned for codes and you want the codes. Then you can post them if you want.

Check your owner’s manual for warnings before disconnecting the battery.

In the end there is a good chance that you are headed for a new or rebuilt transmission.

code is P 0609 any help there?

code reader p 0609 transmission control Module any help there?

Not my car, my brother’s. Never checked fluid never did any maintenance, they just add gas and go. did not see fluid, that is what they told me. They also said that they checked fluid while engine was running. !!!

We are dealing with people who pay $280 to replace just the brake pads on all 4 wheels, and tell me that they have a good mechanic that save them money because he told them it should cost normally $380.00 but they got a $100 discount.

The interweb is a wonderful thing, "If the fluid is full of bubbles or is foamy, the transmission is probably overfilled with ATF. Other causes include using the wrong type of ATF or a plugged transmission vent"
Check transmission vent since no others apply. Where is it I do not know, what is it I do not know, help transman!

If you don’t know the last time the tranny fluid was serviced, it may need it. One of the additives that are included in tranny fluid is an anti-foaming agent.


Does anybody out there know about the Transmission Control Module replacement? Seems if i drop the pan for fluid and filter replacement, should i go ahead and pull the TCM out too? I’m thinking of going to a national trans shop and let them do their diagnostic an see what they say. Believe it or not, I once took a 2004 VW Cabrio that got stuck with trans issues to a Gibraltar Transmission Shop, and they changed some electronics only cost $430 instead of a complete rebuild. Any Thoughts??!!

The P0605 is going to be a ROM self check error. The things you need to check here is the pins in the 60 pin TCM connector. Make sure the pins are all seated in the connector. I would pull the connector and inspect the pins real good. If they all look good reinstall the connector. This in itself could solve your problem if it is just a loose connection. These transmissions are known for their bad connections. Also, check all your grounds, make sure they are clean and reseat them. Try it and see if this cures your problem, if not, more than likely you will probably be replacing the TCM.


Hey transman, But is the TCM inside the trans? do I need to drop the pan anyway?

No, the TCM is in the engine compartment. If I recall right with your year van it should be bolted to the right (Passenger) side fender in the engine compartment.

I wouldnt drop the pan yet. Just check the fluid level with the van on a level surface, engine hot and gear selector in “P”. If the fluid is low, top it off using ATF+4 ONLY… Check the 60 pin connector by removing it, examine all the pins then reconnect it and see if you have a better connection. Also check all your grounds.


I would guess have it transmission service done by professional then see whats happen next!