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Tranmission mount

I have a 2005 Honda Civic (2-door) and have been told that the transmission bracket (which I assume means the same as a mount) has a crack. So two questions:

1. Any idea what it would cost to replace this bracket/mount?

2. what’s the worse that can happen if I don’t replace it?

1 - No idea. You should look this up on Google.

2 - What’s the worst? The extra strain on the other engine and transmission mounts can cause them to also break, which will then cause your engine and transmission to shift around inside your engine bay, which can then damage wiring, radiator fans, vacuum lines, the CV joints, and possibly even separate from the vehicle, leading to a fuel leak, a fire, and your very own death, not to mention any passengers you might have in the vehicle, or anyone that you hit when your car loses control and you crash.

That is a worst case scenario, which is what you asked for.


Thanks, but still interested in knowing what the cost would be for a new transmission bracket/mount. Understand from Googling that the part itself is expensive, but am wondering how much I’d be shelling out for the labor. Also, should I have the work done at the dealership or just find a competent (honest?) mechanic.

An 05 that’s never been worked on by anyone ?
You don’t already have a regular ?

For references ;
–Ask you co-workers, friends and neighbors.
–When you call the parts stores to ask about parts prices ( Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s, Car Quest ) ask them for a prefered installer.