Tranmission fluid

Is it necessary to change the transition fluid every 60,000 miles?

Yes, and it would probably be a good idea to change it every 30k.

You could read dozens of posts here from people who burned up their transmissions by failing to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service interval. Don’t be one of them.

And DON’T go to a Quick-Lube place. Go to a trusted independent mechanic or a dealer.

It is certainly a good idea to do so. You can either follow what the owner’s manual calls for to preserve the warranty or do it more often to preserve your transmission. Many people on this forum find that changing the fluid every 30k miles is the way to go. If you want to keep this car going, you should change your transmission fluid every 30k to 60k miles. If you are going to get rid of it in a couple years, and don’t care about karma, don’t worry about it. It will last long enough to get rid of the car and become someone else’s headache.

Look at it this way…If the transmission in your FWD car fails, the cost of repairing it usually exceeds the value of the car…Change the fluid and filter at least every 60K miles…

No, every 25-30k miles. WITH the filter.