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Ford Fusion Transmission Service

Do I need to change the transmission fluid in a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL (V6/6-spd auto trans) with 36,000 miles? The normal maintenance schedule only calls for inspecting the transmission fluid levels, and does not call for replacing the transmission fluid until 150K miles? I like to stick to the recommended maintenance schedule, but don’t know what is a reasonable mileage to have the fluid replaced. Also, what a reasonable cost for this service at a dealer?

This is a case where the recommended schedule is designed to get the transmission past the warranty period with a very slight chance of failure and no more. The rest of the strategy is sales appeal for “low maintenance”.

I would change the fluid and filter every 50,000 miles, no matter what the manual says. Unless you only drive coast to coast at moderate speed, it is highly unlikely that the transmission will make it to 150,000 miles in normal traffic without any fluid changes.

Of course you should regularly check the fluid level and the color.

Yes, you should have the trans fluid changed at this point, rather than just “checked”.

Car makers now want to make their products appear to be maintenance-free or low-maintenance, but this is not wise if you intend to keep the car for an extended period of time. Regarding transmissions, trans failure after ~90k miles is not unheard-of when the trans has not been serviced every 3 yrs/30k miles. By 120k miles, trans failure is pretty much of a sure thing when service has never been done.

As to the cost at a dealership, this will vary depending on the part of the country where you live, but I would estimate probably ~$90. Just don’t be shocked if it costs more.

Automatic transmissions need to be serviced every 25-30k miles regardless of what the owners manual says so yes, have the pan dropped, filter changed and the fluid refilled.


Three years is a good interval at your milage per year. Any replacement is really only about 1/2 the fluid anyway. The filter is cheap and important so the basics are cost. You really should not have to spend more than $70 for a filter and fluid change. Make sure that whoever does it has the correct fluid listed in your manual. If they don’t go elsewhere no matter what they say. You do not want them to mix in a “compatible fluid” and find out in 20k miles that they lied because its tough to go after them 2 years later. Good maintenance on an autotrans not expensive. Bad maintenance very expensive.

As others say have the fluid changed. At this mileage there’s no need for a “flush” (flushes are for toilets!).
Make sure they use the fluid Ford specifies, not some generic fluid with an additive.

p.s. I seem to have repeated what eurayle1 said only because I opened this thread in a seperate tab earlier

$90 - $100 is about par for this.