Dip stick

Whats up with no tranny dipstick on a 2005 magnum? I would think that if I am responsible for the transmission, there should be a way to check the level of fluid. Any ideas on how to proceed with this?

Your vehicle has what is called a sealed transmission, thus no dipstick.

The manufacturer believes that the transmission fluid should last the life of the vehicle. But one has to ask, once the transmission fails, is that supposed to be the life of the vehicle?

There is a way to check/change the fluid in this transmission. But it’s a complicated matter of rmoving a plug at the top of the transmission exposing a standpipe.


I agree that “lifetime” transmission fluid is marketing nonsense (to reduce, on paper, the expected maintenance cost for the car and make the “consumer reports” types happy). Find a good independent shop and establish a reasonable schedule to have your fluid/filter changed.

How does the dealership check the fluid level?