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2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Aftermarket towing question

I just want to know about installation of a brake controller on a Grand Cherokee that was not factory equipped with a tow package. I had dealer install hitch and wire harness for lights but now I need a trailer brake and dealer says it can’t be installed.

If you had the seven pin towing connector and harness installed there should be a blue trailer brake wire under the dash for trailer brake control.
You will need to install power and ground wiring and a brake signal wire.

If you had the 4 pin harness installed there is no provision for trailer brakes.

Did you ask why it can’t be installed? I’ve installed electric brake controllers on trucks without the harness provisions as well as those that do. Much easier on those that do but possible on those that don’t. Just takes more time.

Yes thanks for information. I did ask and they said anything other than factory will mess with computer and short out lights etc. It needs a new mother board (they say) to handle the “load” of new brake controller. Perhaps that’s a “load” as well.

Check with your local RV center, they should have everything you need and be able to install it for you.


Yeah thanks. Local Jeep dealer says anything else will short out lights. Needs a whole new “mother board” I don’t know. new to all this RV world.
But I’

Your local rv shop can install one pretty easily, there’s several on the market according to e-trailer. Plugs into the dash under a panel next to the parking brake. Jeep doesn’t include a brake controller with the tow package but if this is right there’s the plug under the dash already. Just need to mount the controller.

If it came with a tow package, he wouldn’t have had to have a hitch and wiring installed.