2002 Envoy Headlight connection melting

My 2002 GMC Envoy has 96k. Recently, I have replaced the plastic headlight connection on both lights after they have melted at different times. The bulb is usually fine, but the plastic boot it plugs into is scorched and melted. This has happened now for the third time. Has anyone experienced this problem and knows of a solution?

Some folks have discovered a cute little trick of manipulating the dimmer switch on the light control stalk so BOTH high and low beams are on at the same time, effectively doubling light output. Unfortunately, this doubles the amperage the poor ground wire (ground return) must carry and it gets hot. The positive feed to the dimmer switch itself can also suffer the same fate. It’s either that or a bad connection at the headlight. A dirty or corroded connection will get hot…

Another cause I’ve seen is those silly blue bulbs. They seem to melt 70% of everything they’re plugged into. Other non-OE replacement bulbs of higher wattage can do the same.

Which bulbs are in yours ?

Use an electrical heat conductive paste in the sockets and connects.

I was dealing with the same problem on my father-in-laws 02 Envoy.

The low beam headlights stopped working, upon inspection I found the ground side of the connector burnt/melting so I replaced the connectors and the headlights worked fine… for 2 days. When I inspected the new connectors they were burnt/melted just like the old ones.

The daytime running lamps(DRL) use the low beams for operation but they run at a reduced voltage, I thought maybe the voltage was too high when the DRL’s were on. My tests revealed that the voltage was 8 volts when the DRL’s when on and 12 volts when the normal low beams were operating, the amp draw was just under 5 amps. Everything was falling into specs but I couldn’t find the problem.

The problem was in the connection to the headlight bulb, high resistance. The original connector was corroded and was burnt/melted because of the high resistance. I replaced the connector but failed to replace the headlight bulb, 2 days later when I checked the new connector it was burnt like the original one. When I inspected the connection on the bulb I realized that it was also burnt/melted from the original connector. The original bulb and connector both had corrosion on them causing high resistance, when I replaced the original burnt connector I only removed part of the high resistance problem, the bulb connector also had corrosion and should have been replaced.

I replaced the connectors and bulbs and have not had a problem since.