Trailblazer ebcm reprogramming cost

what’s the going rate to 1- diagnose stabilitrack warning light & 2- reprogramming the computer. My “guy” charged me $80 to diagnose and $90 to reprogram (1.2 hrs)… seems like a long time to do a simple reprogram

The diagnosis time sounds about right and seems to be standard for any service that requires the use of a scan tool and the service of an able technician.

The time for reprograming also sounds about right. The truck has to be prepared for the download. The battery system has to be ready to support the EBCM throughout the programing routine. Once the program download is started, it can’t be interupted. The latest updated program from GM has to be downloaded to the Tech 2 scan tool. The scan tool has to be initiated for the transfer. In addition, loading the program into EEPROM is fairly slow because you are actually reseting each byte in the PROM. Then there is the verification that the program has been entered correctly. I am sure there is a checksum involved. The EBCM has to relearn the yaw sensor. There would follow an operational check to see if the stabilitrack warning light stays ‘out’. Of course you are paying for the service bay time, the internet time, the use of the Tech 2, and the time of the trained and skilled technician.

The published labor times for operations #1 and #2 are available. The shop should be able to show you these.

It is about right. Consider that the cost of the interface unit and the software cost him close to 10k. With maybe 600-2500 per year of updates depending on how many different cars he can work on. It is not cheap but hopefully it will get better as the car companies are being pushed to reduce the database cost to the equipment suppliers.