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Trading Camaro?

I am considering trading my 2012 Camaro RS vert for a sedan with some style. I looked at the Kia Optima SX GTD (34K). Would I be happy with this car? How does it ride? drive? what about value? The dealer has it discounted to $29800 from $33800 loaded. If I keep the Camaro, would that be a better move for the resale/trade in the next two or three years? Thanks for your input.

You are going to lose a lot of money trading in a 2012 Camaro now, in a year, and in two years. The longer you keep it the more it will depreciate. Problem is the biggest depreciation hit has already occured. The day you titled the Camaro is the day it became a used car and took the biggest depreciation hit.

Only you can tell if you’d be happy with a Kia Optima SX GTD. It seems either you have a lot of money to spend on cars or you need to figure out what you really want? Test drive the Kia, and take some time to be sure before you put more money into more car(s).

Cars only do one thing really…They provide you with transportation…What are YOU looking for a car to provide you with?? Whatever it is, it’s going to be very expensive…

You’re going to take a bath on your Camaro. I’m curious, why would you be trading in a car that’s less than a year old? At any rate, I couldn’t see myself dropping 30k on a Kia. I’m also curious of how they arrived at the $33800 price. On the most expensive Optima you can spec out comes in at just over 31k, including the destination charge. Frankly for that kind of money, I’d be looking at Taurus SHO, or maybe a Charger R/T.

I will hazard a guess here that your 2012 Camaro RS convertible will be worth about twice as much as a Kia Optima SX GTD in a few years. Keep it, drive it and sell it in a few years. You will be saving money.

I think trading a 2012 Camaro off for a Kia would be a gigantic mistake; financially speaking. The Camaros are very popular and if you feel you must get rid of it and I’m assuming, right or wrong, you owe a note on it then try to sell it for enough to pay the car off.