Trade in unhappy

I just purchased a 2011 Hyundai Tucson, I am not that happy with it, I really do not like all the digital stuff on the dash, and would like to trade it for a Sonata. I have only had it 1wk, how much money will I lose…

Don’t ask us, we’d be guessing at best.
Quickly ask your dealer before too much time or mileage elapses.
Some have a short term satisfaction guarantee, some don’t.
some would be willing to do some horse tradin’, some won’t.

Did you buy it sight unseen or take it for several long test drives? Sounds like buyer’s remorse to me. A friend (sales manager for Ferrari Denver) sold a customer a brand new 430. He drove it home, decided he did not like it and sold it back to the dealer the next day. Hopefully, you will not lose $35,000 as he did.

My first new car was an 1983 Ford Mustang GT. It cost ~10600. I had buyer’s remorse also and went to trade it in a few week after I bought it. The best offer was $6800. I kept the Mustang and wish I still had it. They’re not kidding when they say a car depreciates 30% the moment it’s driven off the lot.

You are at the mercy of the dealer and will take a hammering if you trade it in.

Ed B.

No did not take it for several long test drives… it just does not get the gas miles it should . Not really buyers remorse… but not happy real happy… I try to keep my cars a long time. 14 yrs . This is a Hyundai and it has that gurantee trade in in 2yrs… so I suppose I will just have to wait 2 yrs…

you’ve only had it a week and it’s not getting the mileage you thought? How are you checking it? have you even filled the tank yet? Give the car a thousand miles or so and it should get to where the EPA estimates are.