Trade or Repair and Keep

I need help. I have a VW 2001 turbo New Beetle (76k miles) that needs about $3800.00 in repairs. I just put over $550.00 three months ago because it wouldn’t pass emissions. I can trade it in with a pre-approved loan or get it worked on. What do I consider when thinking of a trade in versus a refinance for repairs. I am considering a Used 2003 Honda CRV or 2005 Accord because I have had them in the past and never had any problems with them.

Cars Are Expensive To Buy And Own.
We Need More Information.

Some car owners don’t diferentiate between maintenance and repairs, but they’re different.

All cars require maintenance.

Some cars require virtually no repairs until they’re old and have lots of miles and others need frequent repairs. That’s what reliability is about.

There’s no guarantee that replacing this car with another used car will help you. Sometimes you’re better off keeping what you have and what you know.

Have you done all the scheduled maintenance to date on this car ?
Are there some expensive Maintenance items coming up ?
What cost you $550 ?
Do you have just one estimate ?
Tell us about the mechanic/type of independent shop, dealer, or other.
In a fairly accurate itemized fashion, how does the $3800 in estimated repairs break down ?


What repairs are recommended? If there is a list, it is likely that there are some that would be nice to do, but absolutely necessary. You can always get a second and even third opinion. I would get more estimates for this much money.