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Which one should I keep?

We have a 2001 Beetle GLS with 77,000 miles and no major problems; we also have a 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo GT with 124,000 miles also with no major problems. One of them has to go. Both have been reliable cars and there have been no major repairs needed. Either one will satisfy our transportation needs, although the Cruiser is admittedly is more versatile. The objective is to try and pick the car that will continue to give reliable service for the next several years at minimal maintenance/repair expense. Neither of the vehicles has any of the factory warranty left and all internal parts, e.g., timing belt, waterpump, turbine, etc., are original. Whaddaya think?

trade them both,and go TOYOTA.

which engine do you have in the pt cruiser?

Sale them both, and buy something new. Either one has the potential to be a money pit at this point.

Beetles aren’t known for their reliability. The PT Cruiser has quite a few miles on it. If you want a reliable car for “several” more years, I’d trade them both in on a lower mileage car that has a good track record for reliability.

The 2.4L 4 Turbo

if i HAD to keep 1, id keep the cruiser. with that many miles you kept up the maintinance. the 2.4 was a pretty good motor. you may have to do some repairs but no car is perfect. and it can do alot more for you than the vw.

Personally, I would keep the VW (for now), because it has significantly lower miles (I also think the PT looks silly). Aside from all the “consumer reports” nonsense, I know several folks who have had good luck with current VW/audis (although they are not really my favorite cars either). So if it was me, I would sell the PT and hold onto the VW until/unless it become problematic, you can always sell it later. If you do keep the VW, make sure you keep up with the maintenance.

I agree the car looks silly, but I have fun with that. I love pulling up to another Cruiser and asking the driver, “Hey where’d you get the dumb-looking car?” Most get it, but I’ve had a few that actually told me what dealer they biught their car from.

And a Beetle doesn’t look silly? But it was meant to look silly.

I’d keep the Beetle. It gets better mileage.

Beetle: 20/26 EPA
PT Cruiser: 17/23 EPA

Both with A/T

I agree, but it’s the difference between unintentional silly and intentional silly. Personally, I would just buy a nice original (pre-super) beetle (I keep trying to talk my 17 year old into one).

Thanks for the suggestions. We decided to keep the Cruiser because in the final analysis, it is a more useful vehicle.