Repair vs Buying Something Used

Sory to re-post, but I had problems with initial post.

I have a 2002 VW Jetta with 52K miles. I recently took her in for an annual tune-up and they recommended a 50K tune-up $450 and recommended several repairs totaling close to $2000.

The following is a list of repairs:

$654 Coil/Wire-something

$180 Coolant malfunction

$327 Thermostat

$149 Carbon Build-Up

$346 (2) Tires ? Installed

Is it time to trade her in and get a newer one? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

It sounds like you took it to the dealer, who may or may not have done an accurate diagnosis. Your car has relatively low mileage and ASSUMING it has been maintained properly in the past and has no rust, it would certainly be worth fixing.

However, I would get a second opinion from a good independent mechanic who knows Volkswagens. He would typically charge one half of what a dealer would quote you.

Remember, all Volkswagens cost more to maintain and repair than US cars.

Good luck!

$327 for a thermostat?? plus more for a “Coolant malfunction”??

Sounds like a dealership that’s not selling many cars and is trying to make up by increasing repair revenues and/or scaring customers into trading in for new cars. Your Jetta has gone about 25% of it’s expected lifetime.

Have you been having any problems prior to this? Is the MIL (what VW calls the check engine light) lit up? If so, get what is causing it fixed.

If it were my car, I’d buy the tires elsewhere and skip the “Carbon build-up” service altogether.

BTW, what engine? 1.8T did have problems with the coil packs back then. But if you are having no engine problems, I’d forego that service also (it’s probably just a TSB thing that you don’t necessarily need).

Otherwise, look in the owner’s manual for the necessary service at 50K miles and stick with that.

If you have driven the car for 6-7 years with no problems and only routine maintenance, then it is not a problem car. I’d keep it.

Even if these repairs are legit it’s still cheaper to fix it then buy another one.

HOWEVER…Find another mechanic. I’m very very skeptical that these are legit. They are just trying to sell useless services.

Coolant malfunction - What the h*ll is that?? Are/Were you having a cooling problem?? When was the last time the coolant was changed.

Carbon Build-up…Not likely. Especially with the low mileage.

Tires?? If you really do need new tires…find someplace else. Dealers prices in things like tires is usually 2-3 times what the EXACT same tire costs elsewhere.

CoilWire?? What the heck is this??? First off if the Coil IS bad then you’d notice it immediately. First off it probably wouldn’t start?? If it did the engine wouldn’t run right.

Thermostat - $327 to replace…WOW…That’s expensive.

Check elsewhere for the tires. Depending on size, you can save about $50 each if you check with dealers, Costco, Sam’s, etc.

The dealer is out there and trying to make their last repair/buck off you. Basically recommend lots more hoping you bite on something.

There is no reason to see a dealer out of warranty especially a rip off joint like this. Despite what other posters state VW’s are not terrible cars to own, just terrible dealers(mostly) to visit.

Try an independent shop and you may find the suggested repairs not so pressing or existing.

Somebody is inflating your prices. Worse, he’s doing it with nitrogen. Do keep the car, but find cheaper tires.

I’ll just add to the shouting…RUN RUN RUN…as Tom & Ray would say, these guys are looking for a boat payment. Check for tires at Walmart, Sears, Tire Rack. Then take it to somebody else for the other repairs IF NEEDED. The carbon build up is BULL SH*T, any of the others would cause the check engine light to be on. Seriously, tell these guys to take a hike.

I have to agree with the others. The prices and the recommendations all sound like an attempt at highway robbery to me if the car has been running without problems.

Is this place located in a dark alley?

Remember, all Volkswagens cost more to maintain and repair than US cars.

Not in my personal experience, but it is not too far off the mark.

You are totally correct about the independent mechanic. Dealers are no better (or no worse) than independent mechanics, but they almost always charge more and follow a more expensive repair logic.