Traction control light

Have a 2008 Isuzu Ascender which is a GMC Envoy with an Isuzu name on it. 4.2 liter straight 6 in it . Occasionally lately when going around usually a right hand turn the traction control light will come on which then kills engine power temporarily and when you straighten the wheels out the light will go out and power returns to normal . I know this is the normaL behavior when the traction and stability control activate . What would cause this even on dry roads ? Is this a front wheel sensor going bad . Have a code reader but I dont think it does ABS codes . Any ideas ?

You need to bring the vehicle to a shop that has the capability to diagnose the traction control system.

If it were a wheel speed sensor, the ABS light would also turn on,

There’s no guessing when these systems start acting up.

That becomes very expensive.


Turning the corner to fast, it’s a SUV with a high center of gravity, not a low to the ground sports car.

Just a thought: maybe hook a scanner with live data and compare wheel speeds on each wheel. There might be a difference small enough not to set a code for wheel speed sensor.