Looking for advice

i have a 2000 olds alero 4cy. with 74000 mi. i just had extensive work done to pass inspection---- new tie rod, new brake lines and gas lines two new rear springs and yes i saw everything and it needed it. today i was driving down the expressway and the chimes came on that said service engine soon and the trac off light came on and the anti lock brake was on also. i got to where i was going ( to the public market) not that far— shopped for one hour got back in the car and everything was back to normal—what was going on??? is it trying to tell me something or should i wait to see if it comes on again?? i would go have codes read if it had stayed on what do you guys think?? thanks for any help

It is trying to tell you something, go get the codes read, I bet your car stores codes by time and date? Am I right about that Caddyman? Or am i just daydreaming?

You probably have a wheel bearing going bad or pinched/chafed wiring for one of the ABS sensors, most likely in the front in either case. The ABS speed sensors are integrated into the wheel bearings, so the bearings have to be replaced when the sensors go bad. This is a very common issue with these cars The code(s) should still be stored and the problem should be easy to find once they are retrieved.

I had a 98 Olds Intrigue that used to do this once in a while but I never tried to fix it because it always went away. When your abs light comes on you still have brakes just like the ones before they had abs.

It’s a sensor in the wheel hub, I had to replace both of mine :frowning: If you google it, it’s reallllly common