TPS throttle position sensor



Hi, how do I adjust TPS throttle position sensor on 1991 jeep cherokee


Where did you get the idea that it’s adjustable? It’s a SENSOR, not an actuator. At Auto Zone, $40.99.


HI, Actually some TPS must be adjusted; 87 Must for example, The 88 Jeep Cherokee was adjustable. So I want to find out if this changed in 91 and there is no adjustment.


You really need to refer to the manual for the proper readings and procedure. If you don’t have one-library, autozone, etc. for the info. On most of them you hook up a digital voltmeter and with the screws loose, adjust it so that the voltage is at the spec reading at idle, then tighten the screws. On my Buick its .38 to .42 milivolts.

And for our wise guys, it is called a sensor because it senses the throttle position but is really a potentiometer providing the computer with variable voltage readings. It has a slotted base so that it can be adjusted to a base reading at idle. Just because it adjusts does not mean it is not a sensor. Sheesh. The info here is worth what you pay for it.


A Buick is not a Jeep. Auto Zone does NOT have the installation instruction for the jeep tps. Not all tps are adjustable. Such is the case of the one SHOWN, for the Jeep on the Auto Zone site. It’s up to the would-be mechanic to have, and use, the pertinent repair data. I don’t have it for his Jeep; but, then, I’m not the one needing it. The tps is a variable resister, not a variable voltage supplier. When resistance varies, voltage output varies. There’s a difference.


Sounds like somebody’s having a bad day. I really dont think the OP gives a rats a_ _ whether its a variable resistor or not. It sounds like he just wants to know whether its adjustable or not and how to adjust it… Just follow Bing’s advice. You need to find some reference material on your engine to see. Or even, call a dealer and ask. Good luck with it…



A pic of the TPS switch/sensor/gizmo/widget shows that it has 2 mounting holes only - no slots. This means no adjustment short of slop between the screw and hole.

What is the Jeep doing or not doing that makes you suspect a TPS adjustment is needed?