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Tps sensor adjustment

I have a 93 Infiniti J30, and I was wondering how you set your TPS sensor correctly. I know for my car that the voltage is supposed to be at .448 but mine reads .25. How can I up the voltage? Do I just move the sensor higher and lower? Thanks for your help. I know this should easy for you guys.

Install the TPS leaving the mounting screws loose. Start the engine and allow it to come up to operating temperature. Using a volt meter, back-probe the TPS electrical connector. Rotate the TPS until the output voltage reads .45-.55 VDC. Tighten the TPS screws. Recheck the output voltage of the TPS.



There are two connections, both male. Which do I probe? the one at the end of the wire coming out tje back of the TPS, or the one that is part of the TPS?