2002 Chevy Tracker-throttle positoning sensor

Where is the throttle positioning sensor located? I either have the wrong part or the wrong spot.

The TPS is located on the throttle body at the end of the throttle cable. Your Tracker comes with a 2.0 4 cylinder and a 2.5 6 cylinder. The TPS is different on both engines. Did you get the right TPS? It’s a black phenolic cased component with a wire lead. It moves in conjunction with your throttle cable.

According to NAPA it’s the right part. But going by your description it’s the wrong part. The part I have is a black case, but it doesn’t have a wire lead. It seems like it just plugs in but it doesn’t fit anywhere that I can see. I was trying to do this myself to save money.

Sorry…I may have confused you. The lead stays attached to the vehicle. It’s plugged into the TPS. I just added the wire lead to help you find the component on the throttle body. What engine do you have? This is a TPS for a 6 cylinder: http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/parts/partsShelf.jsp?displayName=Throttle+Position+Sensor&currentPage=1&categoryDisplayName=Fuel+Delivery&navValue=14900136&itemId=136-0&parentId=49-0

Thanks, We went to autozone site and found part. NAPA sold me wrong one. I had the right spot. I’m so proud of myself.

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NAPA. Not Always Properly ASEd? Only one I could think of.

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