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TPMS Sensors

If I put custom Rims on my SUV,will I have to get new Sensors?

check with your wheel/tire installer, but most likely the answer is yes.

Here is some info on Mitsubishi TPMS and down about the middle, the legal issue of a tire being broken down and what liability the installer incurs by doing so, as it relates to the TPMS not functioning correctly when the car leaves the shop.

Oops, here’s the link:

Something to think about…

It depends upon how it operates. If it has sensors in the rims, maybe. When I change over in the winter to steels, instead of new sensors, I invested in a new instrument called a tire gauge and used that regularly. If it uses tire RPM sensor, no. There should just be a reset button. I never trusted either type I have on two cars and check pressure regularly with gauge.

Mine has the wheel speed sensors. But a good gage is still needed to set the correct pressures prior to reinitializing the system (which sets the baseline against which the system monitors).

The TPMS system is on the base of the tire value stem inside the wheel. In the good old days, when replacing the rim or the tire, you would throw in a new stem for good measure as they were cheap. Not anymore. If the stem from the old rim could be moved to the new rim without damage, there would be nothing you need to do. If the stems needed to be replaced, there was a lot of work to be done. The mechanic who did the work should know all this. With the tires properly inflated, for each valve stem, you need to discover then register the new serial number with the car’s computer. The equipment required to do all this is not cheap.

“If I put custom Rims on my SUV,will I have to get new Sensors?”

No!! You just put black tape over the light or pull the fuse or remove the light…

But if you are spending $1500 on vanity wheels, what’s another $300 for a set of new sensors?? You were born to CONSUME!! Just do it!