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TPMS Rebuild Kit - is it necessary?

Hello. I am getting ready to purchase a new set of tires for 2006 Honda Pilot. The Honda Pilot already has TPMS installed and currently works properly. The company selling the tires offers at check out the option for purchasing a TPMS rebuild kit for $8 per tire.

It states “Manufacturers recommend that you replace the wearable components of your TPMS sensors each time a tire is replaced or serviced. These wearable components are provided in our TPMS Rebuild Kits.”

Bottom line, is it necessary to purchase? Is it common for there to be issues with the existing TPMS sensors when tires are replaced?

Trying to save $ without being too thrifty. Appreciate any inputs!

I don’t know what’s in the kit, but I would at least replace the batteries every time the tires are replaced.