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do you have to rebuild a tpms at 40000 if you have no existing problems.

What does your owner’s manual say? I’ll bet it doesn’t say anything about it. And I would not “rebuild” the TPMS anyway. The worst that could happen is it fails and you use a $8 hand held tire gauge that is more accurate than the TPMS. The best that could happen is that it runs for a lot longer. Who told you to rebuild it?

Does “rebuild” mean replace the battery?

No. If you have no existing problems, you need do nothing to the system.

I’m curious…why do you ask?

discount tire suggested upon tire replacement.

Yeah, that’s what they do. Great little cash cow for them.

discount tire suggested upon tire replacement.

Agreed. Just when I thought I’d heard all the revenue-generating scams, a new one comes along.

It’s not a rebuild of the TPMS, it’s removal/re-install of the TPMS/valve stem to replace the rubber seal components around the stem.

When ever I mount a tire I replace the valve stem, I wonder if the recommendation from Discount is centered around leak prevention (like my rule to replace normal valve stems at every mount/unmount)?