'Toyota's V-2-V Technology Would Allow Cars To Talk To Each Other'


While they’re driving? :smile:

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Yes. So they can agree not-to-collide - or synchronize the robot apocalypse.

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Great, maybe I can program mine to tell the other drivers to;

Use your turn signal!
You aren’t allowed to take your half of the road from the MIDDLE!
Just turn, don’t make a career out of it!
Slower traffic stay RIGHT (edit, courtesy of @TwinTurbo) !
If you tailgate me any closer, I’ll have to invite you in!
Get out of my blind spot you texting moron!


I like all of them except this one…

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It was meant as a joke, what with all the controversy about texting while driving, but in retrospect I guess it wasn’t a very good joke. :persevere:

Nice catch… It was early, coffee hadn’t fully kicked in. :wink:

As long as they’re not texting I’m OK with it. :grinning:

I’ve been working in the Telecom industry as a software engineer and manager for over 15 years now. I’ve attended a few seminars on this technology. Our small company actually bid on a contract to develop it for one of the car manufacturers, but we lost to a much bigger company. It’s really cool stuff. This technology is really going to have an impact (pardon the pun) on accident prevention. But it won’t happen over night. When 30%+ cars have this technology we’ll really start to see an impact. When 90% of cars have this…it’ll be a game changer.

Interesting watching people in a restaurant with their noses in their phones and not talking to each other but this technology will allow cars to talk to each other.

Will my car be able to tell the car in front of me “hey wake up, the light is green”?

That’ll be in next generation’s model. :rofl:
And there’ll be a NYC edition that’ll have a mechanical finger that pops up.
Sorry folks, it’s just a joke. No offense meant to anybody.


Best part is, it won’t have to because the car in front of you will not be distracted by Facebook, and will therefore be paying attention in the first place. :wink: