Toyotas in combat

Here’s an interesting read that confirms what we already knew…—-heres-why/ar-AAfdpSX?li=AAa0dzB&ocid=U146DHP

I guess someone warned them about the Toyota Tacoma with rusted frames.

Considering the intense abuse given to Top Gear’s Toyota HiLux diesel truck while they were trying to kill it… and it just kept running! Apparently terrorists like watching Top Gear, too.

Whenever there’s been upheaval In the middle east. you can be sure of one thing, the people involved will be utilizing an AKM/AK47 and a Toyota pickup as the primary means to accomplish their goal.

Both Toyotas and AK-47s are very reliable and every terrorist’s favorite gear.

First It Was Watch Out For Flood Cars…
Now, I Guess If Somebody Gets Ready To Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Fleet Pick-Up, They’d Better Check For Machine Gun Mounting Holes In The Bed.

I too would be quite interested in where they obtain these things. I have a funny feeling somebody’s looking the other way to make a buck.


The sellers aren’t to blame for how the trucks are used.
Besides, many of these people are probably freedom fighters in civil wars. Many also probably took the vehicles from conquered dictators. It’s impossible for us to know.

Named after an we Egyptian goddess, the name is now, unfortunately, associated with a terrorist organization. However, some things never changes. The Japanese army used Toyota trucks seventy years ago. Toyota is in the business of building a collection of metal and polymeric parts that functions the same way for a long time. How it gets used is not really Toyota’s problem

Any Toyota trucks shipped to Asia, and especially Southwest and South Asia could easily end up in the hands of organizations like Isis or the Taliban.

Edit: I looked up assembly locations. The 2005/2014 Hilux was assembled on Thailand and Pakistan. The 2015+ Hilux is and will be assembled in Thailand. It isn’t hard to imagine the Pakistan-assembled units finding their way into the wrong hands, and not too far-fetched for the Thailand model, either.

Anybody Knowingly Selling Any Supplies To Terrorists Will Not Be On My Christmas Card List.

I do want to know where the weapons, trucks, food, intelligence, etcetera, is coming from and I believe that the people knowingly supplying the jerks with materials and know-how to injure or kill our soldiers and any civilians, are our enemies.

Therefore, it needs to be discovered where the trucks are coming from and whether or not it’s done knowing how they’ll be utilized.


I doubt that any reasonable person believes that Toyota is supplying directly, but their dealers near the war zone might. There could also be intermediaries that buy them for resale to the insurgents. this would be a lot like the clean gun buyers here that purchase firearms for criminals but never use the weapons themselves.

How does one separate the terrorists from the freedom fighters? And should one?

Just as an example, I know that Syria has an ongoing battle between the “rebels” and the “Syrian government” under Assad. From what little I know from BBC’s World News, NHK, and other reputable organizations, the rebels are fighting to free Syria from Assad. But who’ll fill in if they win?

Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator in Iraq. We overthrew him, and who’s in charge now? Al Qaida (and/or ISIS).

The Ayatollah Khomeini is now out of exile and back in charge in Iran.

Most of the middle east and much of Africa has been at war for generations. Which bad guys are terrorists? I have opinions, but I don’t for one moment think I know enough about either continent’s conflicts to name the good guys and/or the bad guys.

Basically, Toyota builds affordable, rugged trucks that have proven themselves in conflicts across the globe, and are recognized as the #1 vehicle of freedom fighters and terrorists alike. Toyota has no part in how they end up being used. They’ve done what it is that they do so well… built rugged, reliable, repairable, affordable trucks. Nothing more, nothing less. Where they end up is up to God. Or Allah. Or Muhammad. Or the deity of your choice…

^^ Khomeini is dead, his replacement is Khamanei; not that matters.

That region is so complicated that I assure you, if the terrorists wanted Dodge Ram trucks, they would be getting it. There are a lot of religious sects and fractions, many with a lot of money. Some are sympathetic with the west, some aren’t. There are quite a few that wear two hats at a time.

We might want to ask Toyota to build a special edition Hilux that is an unreliable POS truck and ship it to that region.

Oops. And to think I missed the funeral! :blush:

The terrorists and freedom fighters would catch on and get their hands on the good ones anyway. We’d probably end up with the POS vehicles!

Even if a dealer knew where the trucks were going and objected to it what dealer would balk at providing trucks if he were given an offer he couldn’t refuse; say keeping his head attached to his body or a Toyota packed with explosives dropped off at the service department…


Khomeini died in 1988 or 1989

There was a procession which carried his casket through the streets

There were so many people lined up to see the casket pass by, and it was so chaotic, that his body actually spilled out of the casket

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving corpse. The spilling out of the casket, I mean.


I thought they had to get them in the ground the same day so hope they didn’t delay with the parade and everything and scooping him up again. Might have something to do with getting in the ground before the devil knows you’re dead or something. But I suspect rather it goes back to ancient days where leaving a body out could be a health issue.

Maybe putting a pork chop on the dash of each new Toyota might curb sales a little. I dunno.

We believe he died earlier than it was pronounced. They had to get their ducks in order so that the regime would be able to go on without much uproar. I remember trying to hide my grin when passing the revolutionary guard on the day the death was announced. The hospital was also very light on that day, we couldn’t figure what happened to the patients.

As bringing it back to cars; the Mitsu Pajero (Montero) in here, was pretty popular there too. We used to have one for rural medical work and it had over 400K miles on the original engine/clutch and ran like new.