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Great demand for the Tesla truck?

Just how practical is the Tesla truck and just how shallow are those who seem to be racing to Tesla in FOMO? That vehicle looks like a 1930’s Sci-Fi movie prop.

Well , I was sent to Mr. Google again ( I really don’t understand the reluctance to using it ) . FOMO , since I don’t use text talk or things like it I had no idea what that stood for.

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Shallow? I don’t see how that’s the proper adjective to describe someone who wants a given vehicle. I don’t think they have a fear of missing out - they just want the thing.

On paper the specs are pretty awesome. It’s like combining an F250 with a Syclone. Sign me up! Yeah, the thing’s ugly… OK, really freaking ugly. But then most trucks these days are ugly. Battering-ram-chic isn’t really to my taste.

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Am I ahead of the crowd on keeping up with current trends?

And Tesla announced their pickup was selling ahead of projections but the story has already rolled off the board. That truck seems WAAAAY of the rails regarding utility but to each his own.

I was surprisingly interested based on the specs. I’ve never owned a pickup, but the utility (seats six adults, storage capacity, and towing) at that price, and with that mileage on a single charge, made me sit up and take notice. I would consider one of these! On the other hand, it would never fit in my garage and I’d feel silly having it sit in my driveway. It would look ridiculously out of place in my neighborhood.

I just had a guy angrily criticize me because my little pickup is parked in the driveway and hasn’t moved in 3 months.

Well yeah. It’s for hauling stuff for yard work, and the yard is covered in snow. Besides dude, you have a yard butt. Don’t gripe at me about my “eyesore.”

I’d love to see his reaction if I parked a Tesla truck out there. :smiley:

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Suddenly I recognize that the Tesla pickup has a great deal in common with the DeLorean. Both appearance and creative financial accounting of the brands leave me wondering if Tesla’s continued rush will end in a wall of bankruptcy. Or a wall of “too big to fail” bailout.

To me anyway, the Tesla truck is a fashion statement more than anything else and will not likely see much use by anyone who owns one.


true, this is about fashion, not utility

the trouble is, to maintain its “exclusivity” it has to cost list a starship and sell in quantities like royal crowns

Around where I live it seems well more then 70% of all Trucks sold are not utilized as a truck much. So maybe these people are tired of getting 12mpg.

Are customers of $60,000+ pickups really worried about gas mileage?

Trucks are a must have in this neck of the woods considering it’s all oil & gas along with farming. Poor mileage is expected what with trailers loaded with 1 ton hay bails, 10k pounds of stock trailer, or fishing tools for the oil field.,

I’d like to see a Tesla with a hay spike on the back and Ole Yeller riding along… :wink:

Is there something in the specs which makes you think it will not be capable of that?

Not the specs, but the market. I’ll be surprised if that Tesla displaces many working trucks, especially in rural areas.


I hear what you’re saying and I agree with the viewpoint that trucks should be work vehicles. But the sad reality of our culture is that they aren’t. They’re suburban toys for folks who feel they need to compensate for something.

As such, this truck is perfect. It looks like something Schwarzenegger would drive in a dystopian-future war movie. It’s big. It’s (mostly) menacing. It’s too manly for curves! And from that perspective, at least the stupid thing won’t need to pull its own oil tanker to keep it fueled. :wink:

That said, if the specs bear out, that truck will be perfectly capable of doing work. Maybe farmers won’t use it (more out of stubbornness than rationality), but I bet you’ll see contractors using them. Those guys would probably love to cut “buying gas” out of their budget, and the thing’s eye catching enough that it’s a guaranteed view when you slap your company logo on the door.

I’m sure it’ll be capable…but a vast majority won’t be using it that way. At least where I live.

A friend of mine–who didn’t own a car between 1970 and 2014–occasionally got a ride home from work with co-workers, all of whom owned pickup trucks. When he would try to throw his dufflebag into the cargo area of those trucks, ALL of the truck owners freaked-out at the thought of anything being placed into the back of their truck.

He was puzzled by that behavior until I explained that his truck-owning co-workers were Macho… Poseurs… who owned those trucks only for their “image”.

Image seems to be at the top of most car/truck buyers priorities @VDCdriver. Women’s purses and men’s watches come to mind just behind vehicles.

Something tells me it may get through it same as through the metal ball test at the Musk’ presentation :slight_smile:

Since you only need to put $100 down to “reserve” a Tesla truck you’d see a great number of people doing so. Wonder how many will actually order the truck when it comes time to do so.