Toyota's accelerator problem

I’d like to buy a new Yaris sedan but am very worried about Toyota’s accelerator problem. The Yaris gets great gas mileage, excellent reliability, is nice looking and is in my price range. But Consumer Reports rate it only fair on safety. Do you think this is a safe car to buy, considering Toyota’s current accelerator problems? Thanks.

Consumer Reports also rates it only fair for acceleration, braking, and comfort.
Accelerator-related issues aside, the Honda Fit, the Nissan Versa, and the Hyundai Accent are all superior to the Yaris in that class.

VDC has offered what I feel are some excellent alternatives to consider. If safety is a main concern, you should check them all out. But if you like the Yaris, you can get one without concern for accelerator problems. The problem was a floormat problem and did not apply to the Yaris.

I’ve provided a link directly to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the national body who tests and raes cars for crashworthiness. You may want to take a peek.