Should I buy a Honda fit or a Toyota yaris?


Trying to choose between the two, but i’m a first time car-buyer and I don’t know which is a better plan. I need something that will be safe in snow (in Philly, not terrible but definitely there is some) and safe generally. Also, we live in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood and I need a car that won’t be easily stolen. I’d love to hear any thoughts from any of you! thanks!


Drive the two and buy the one you prefer. They are equally safe and either will be reliable and economical to own.


I concur on the one you prefer. With respect to everything you list they are equals.


toyota, less embarassing, more reliable


Well, I don’t know about that. Both vehicles are similar in regards to reliability, and what’s with the embarassment thing?

Actually, I would go with the Honda, if only because I believe it has more useable cargo space than the Toyota. But ultimately, go with the vehicle you prefer.


A few months back, Consumer Reports tested the new crop of fuel efficient vehicles, and they did not like the Yaris. The Fit was rated #1, with the Nissan Versa in the #2 position. In fact, CR preferred the competing Hyundai model (Accent??) to the Yaris.

For details, I would suggest that you visit your local public library. A perusal of the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature should guide you to the correct issue of CR.


I’m sure they are both decent little cars, I would prefer the Honda (4 doors) myself. Since you live in Philly, please get an insurance quote for full coverage before you buy a car. It will be brutal. As my old mechanic told me when I asked him how to keep my Camaro from getting stolen, “Keep up the insurance”. If somebody wants your car bad enough, they’re going to get it.

Good luck,

Ed B.


Test drive the Versa. It is large for a subcompact. If a little extra room matters, you might want it.