Toyota Tundra

I have a 2003 V8 Toyota Tundra Limited with only 53k miles on it. It has been an excellent truck except now I am experiencing a problem with the volume of air that comes through the dash vents. It seems that even when I turn the dial to the highest setting it just does not blow as fast as it used to. The good thing is that the air is still as cold as when I bought it new. So what is going on with the blower? And how does one fix it?

Does the Tundra have cabin air (or particulate) filter? My 1997 Taurus has that, and when those get old and dirty, they simply don’t allow much air through anymore. MSRP from the dealer is $25, but I can pick up an aftermarket at Autozone for $12…

I had a bug shield that was restricting the air intake while moving but it was a big one on the front of the hood. Different vehicle. Possibly the cabin air filter is full of stuff.

Even if you don’t have a cabin air filter the intake or AC evaporator could be clogged with crud, especially if you park under trees.

It doesn’t have a cabin filter. I noticed that if I smack the blower motor it will change speeds and blow faster. I pulled it out from under the dash, it was so easy, only three bolds and it looked fine and clean. Now I am wondering since it comes out so easily did Toyota expect problems with that part? Any one else out there have this problem with their Tundra?