Toyota Throttle Control Switch on Previous Models

This is not a new problem for Toyota. The throttle control sensor on our 2002 Camry failed in 2007. There was a sudden loss of control of the accelerator pedal and the vehicle just quit going. Thankfully it did not stall while driving in heavy traffic or while pulling out into traffic. The cost to replace the sensor was $650 and, of course, it was out of warranty.

I also own a 2007 Highlander. It started making a noise in the front suspension so I took it to a Toyota dealer to fix it. They said that they would charge me $260 to “clean the mud” out of the suspension. I took it to another Toyota dealer who fixed it at no charge since it was still under warranty.

We have bought four brand new Toyotas over the years. If they want our continued loyalty, they must provide a 100,000 mile unlimited warranty.

Does the shoe store clean the mud off your shoes whenever you take them back? What kind of warranty would pay for such a thing? I don’t want to own a car with that kind of customer satisfaction added to the selling price. Give me the base model at the cash and carry price and I’ll hose off the mud.

The point is that there was no mud. Using Click and Clack vernacular, the dealer needed to make a boat payment. The second dealer didn’t need to make a boat payment.