Drive Train Warranty

I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander with 32,000 mi. The auto trans “jerks” when it shifts, and the dealer says it is the computer that needs to be reset (for $100). It is beyond the regular warranty period, but it has a “60,000 mile drive train warranty”. However, the dealer says that this warranty only applies to “lubricated parts” so it doesn’t cover the “computer reset”. They say that if the computer isn’t reset, damage to the transmission will result. Apparently if this does happen, the damaged transmission should be covered under the drive train warranty, so the company is willing to risk the transmission not going out before the 60,000 mi limit rather than fixing the computer problem now under warranty. Do I have a case for getting this problem fixed under the drive train warranty and if so what recourse do I have?

I doubt if you are going to get it covered. I don’t think you are going to find a legal issue. Your best bet is to appeal to Toyota regional office and see if they may make a deal, maybe splitting the cost. Frankly if it can be fixed for $100 that works out to about 0.3125? per mile Not a bad deal.

Of course if you were not at a dealer, you might be able to get it reset for $20.00.

I’d read the warranty myself rather than take the dealer’s word. Then I’d probably pay the $100 to have the transmission shift properly. You can’t get much work done for less than $100 these days.

Make sure to get a guarentee this will solve the problem for $100. After paying the money appeal to Toyota.

Toyota’s are the pits with regards to ECM settings, recent 4 cylinder Camry has a well known fault that still does not 100% correct an otherwise beyond smooth car.