Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Timing Belt

I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner with the 3.4 liter V-6 and automatic transmission. It has 68,000 miles. According to the Tacoma maintence guide, the timing belt needs to be changed at 90,000 miles. I bought it used and currently put on about 6,000 miles per year. At that rate, it will likely be in early 2013 before 90,000 clicks over. Since that will make it 10 years old, should I be concerned about degradation of the belt due to age?

Timing belt replacement intervals are usually given in miles or months, whichever comes first. Belts degrade with age, so if you don’t drive a lot of miles you go by the time interval. Is there a time interval specified in the maintenance schedule?

Read that maintenance guide again.
More than likely, it lists both an odometer mileage value and an elapsed time value for timing belt replacement (as well as all other maintenance procedures), with the proviso, “Whichever comes first”.

My guess is that your timing belt is supposed to be replaced at 90k miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. Many manufacturers express the elapsed time value in terms of months, rather than years, so it may say “90k miles or 84 months”…or something to that effect. However, rather than relying on these guesses of mine, the mfr’s maintenance guide will have the definitive answer.

OK, thanks! I didn’t see a time interval, thus my question, but I’ll check again.

I don’t see a time interval. I think I’ll have it replaced. Thanks for your reply.

Wise decision. Time counts with elastomerics,