Timing belt

TOYOTA RECOMMENDS REPLACING TIMING BELT on this car every 60,000 miles. I found out the hard way they are right. Actually made it about 90,000 miles before car stopped on the interstate just outside the Pentagon. NOW IT HAS BEEN over12 years since the belt was replaced but only about 20,000 miles. I am now retired and only drive the car on weekends. Toyota does not specify a time limit for belt, only miles. Any advice?

I think board consensus is seven years or so. Age counts nearly as much as miles when it comes to belts like these. A $500-$700 expenditure keeps you going safely and without any extra costs due to the belt failing unexpectedly.

Are you sure Toyota doesn’t specify a time? The usual time in many cars is 7 years or 8 years. I believe you are overdue for a new timing belt.

The latest Toyota recommendations are 72 months (6 years) or 90,000 miles. However, your car may not have had the latest quality level belt.

So I would replace it YESTERDAY!

I think you know what happens not if it breaks but when. Its your call for risk and balances on this one.