Toyota supra customize

Is it possible to change the interior of a Toyota celica supra to a toyota supra fighter jet interior? if it makes sense

Everything is possible with enough money.

There hasn’t been a Celica built since 2006. The Supra, new and old is a totally different car. They don’t interchange.

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im thinking about like the 1980 celica and a lets say 1994 supra

No way those will easily swap, I’d think.

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it would be the dream car though

For you, maybe.

Find a good custom shop and save up your money. All is possible with enough money.

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I will, can’t drive yet anyways. 1 year left.

Someone is in for a shocking reality test when they find out how much this will cost not to mention the teenage vehicle insurance price.

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I’m fully aware of about how much it will cost…

Sure. Find a street rod shop that can make your interior swap.

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