Something to go even with a toyota

hey guys. my friend has a 1986 toyota corolla gt-s otherwise known as AE86. me and him are like brothers so sure enough we want to race thing is i dont have a sporty car yet but am in the process of trying to get one as a project car.

my question is what car would be a good match to the corolla? i was thinking toyota supra, nissan 240sx, and mazda rx-7 any other suggestions?

One of the best low-budget “track cars” is an early Miata. You can find them for $1,000 – $3,000 used. Very popular on the spec Miata race circuit, lots of cheap spare parts and relatively simple and easy to repair. Plus, easy to drive on a track and a great training car. Mid-1970’s Datsun 510 is another choice, but they have become “collector” cars and increased in price.


oh whoops one thing i for got to mention was that im 6’ 7"

Good thing he doesn’t have a sporty car either.

240-280Z. Lots of head and leg room, and stock or nearly stock, should not be too far above your friend’s car if it’s got some mods. Or maybe an E30 BMW.

Do you want to race the car or do you want to drift the car? Those are two different things.

if you want get-up-and-go, an LS1 camaro should work. there is huge aftermarket support for 4th gen f-bodys. and what you cant upgrade on them, you dont need to.

Miata (with the top down) has infinite head room.


I think a Toyota Celica would be a good project car.

But what about leg room?

race most definatly and still be street legal

nice two tone and ya unless i have a pair of jaws of live lying around i dont think ill get in a miata anytime soon

ill probably only be lucky to find the body huh? id have to get the motor separate?

Please do your racing off the public roads.

Thank you.

the bodys are easy. any '97-'02 V8 camaro is an LS1.

or, get a '97 (any LT1) and earlier, and all small block chevys bolt up. you have to get rid of nearly all electronics though.

or, cram in a crate motor from GMPP (GM performence parts).

and everything has been done to them, so somebody can help you with anything you need.

What type of racing? Drag racing and road course racing would use different cars. If you want to turn right every once in a while, don’t get much larger than a pony car. I’d also go older and get an early 70s or late 60s car. There’s too much smog equipment on the 80s cars and the manufacturers hadn’t figured out how to work around it yet. You don’t need the really big engine, but make sure it is capable.

^ this


Fox body mustang

As already stated Please keep the racing off the street. Having said that how about a 1986 Dodge Omni GLH

Pretty mediocre. You can get a bit more by modifying the seat. But I’m 6’1", and I have a very forgiving idea of what constitutes “fitting” in a car, and I think the NA and NC miatas are only just big enough. I mean like knees barely clearing the steering wheel tight, and my head barely clearing the roof. And the NBs (never sat in one) are alleged to be tighter.

There’s no way a 6’7" person is fitting comfortably in a Miata.