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Toyota stammering

My Toyota Pick up with a 22re with 188,000

miles on it has developed a little problem.

It has started bogging down when I come to a

stop. Its as if the engine wants to stall,but doesn’t. I had a complete valve job and timing chain at 150,000 miles and a

tune up 10,000 miles before that. This miss is not constant and only does it when

the engine has warmed up. Could it need plugs? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Might need new plugs, but it’s not likely unless something else is going on. The reason is that, unless the plugs are fouled, they are generally good for more than 50k. Yours are getting there but should be fine.
I’d look at the fuel injectors and see if one or two aren’t leaking. This is an easy, inexpensive test. Leaky fuel injectors would foul the associated plugs and would affect idling at low rpm’s.