Toyota Sienna Boing or clunking sound front end

Our 2008 Toyota Sienna has 50K miles. It recently began making a sound like a spring suddenly being released. It seems to be coming from the front right side of the car. It happens when we are backing the car out of the driveway and turn the wheel while backing up. If you go very slowly and gently turn the wheel the sound doesn’t usually happen.

The struts were replaced at 43,000 when we bought the car used because one was leaking slightly. We insisted that both struts be replaced before we bought the car.

Any ideas on what this could be?

Do you think the car is safe to drive?

Should I take it to the dealership in case it is something that would be covered under the power train warranty?

56Peaches, My Concern Would Be With The Strut Top Mounts / Bearings. Were They Replaced With The Struts ? They are Often Replaced With The Struts.

Have them checked for proper operation. If They are not allowing the springs to turn with the struts then the springs can wind up and unwind (jump) when you turn the steering wheel. Sometimes a boing or clunk can indicate that is what’s happening.

This wouldn’t be a drivetrain issue in my opinion, but a strut issue. I’d have this checked just in case my guess is correct. This situation in some cases can lead to a broken spring which can alter the handling of the car and possibly even puncture a tire causing a blowout.