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Toyota Sienna Run Flat Tires

Is there any reason to think that one couldn’t replace the run flat tires delivered on AWD Sienna’s with ‘standard’ tires prior to leaving the dealership?

None that I can think of. Replacing the run-flats with standard tires is common when the run-flats wear out, which they do rather quickly.

If you’re buying new the dealership might not want to do it, but you should remind them that vehicle sales are WAY down right now and if they want to sell this van they should give you what you want.

Just keep in mind, you won’t have a spare tire.

Thanks very much

It’s nice to see consumers rebelling and refusing to accept unwanted “features” of dubious value.

There are two types of run flat tires on the market.

One uses sturdier sidewalls, strong enough to provide some support even without air. These can be readily changed over to standard tires.

The other uses a doughnut around the rim, inside the tire, that provides some support. Changing these over is a bit problematic and may require replacing the rims also.

Find out which type your Sienna has.

The problem with that is you don’t have a spare tire. If you end up with a flat tire you are stuck paying for an expensive tow truck. Being that your vehicle is made to have run-flats you probably wont have a place to store the spare tire without using up cargo space.

Why not wear out the run flats, then switch?