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Run Flat Tires

Is it safe to change to regular tires on a 2006 Sienna AWD, as long the load rating is the same.

Ask these guys:


I spoke to their installer in Riverhead, NY and they said it was against FED Law to change.

Either they are sadly misinformed or you misunderstood what they said.

In either event, there is no issue so long as the original tire is installed.

Yes, it’s safe. Lots of people replace their run flat tires with standard tires. Happens every day.

You say no issue as long as original tire installed. The original tires were RFT that is what I want to get away from

Go to your local tire stores and shop around. There are probably several brands and types of tires that will fit your van. You don’t have to replace the run flats with run flats, and if it were my van I would buy regular tires. No one I know who has run flat tires likes them.

Are the WHEELS that come with RFT’s the same as the ones used for standard tires? That would be the only “issue”…

Opps! I meant the original tire SIZE!! If you do this, the load rating will take care of itself - with a few exceptions.

::Must remember to proofread posts!::

In this vehicle they are.