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Dashboard indicator lights

During Huricane Harvey I ran into flood with my Toyota Sienna 2012. All indicator lights started showing on my dashboard. Any light you can imagine… My speedometer stopped working and the odometer stopped counting. . My steering wheel is electronic and steering it is like a manual labor. I took it to two mechanics both said that their testers were not reading anything when connected (not cummunicating) Thank God my fuel guage is working
What should I do.?

First thought is insurance claim if you have full coverage. I would also suspect that mechanics are going to avoid flood damaged vehicles because they might fix something now only to have other problems show up later.

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Your Toyota dealer has a scan tool capable of communicating with your electric power steering system and the other failing systems.

My first thought was also insurance claim. This car is going to be nothing but trouble from now on.

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…and no ones going to buy it.

Not even the insurance company? Is this vehicle for sale or in need of repair?

yeah no one will buy it… maybe you would?

See your insurance company first! Agree that the car will likely give nothing but grief in the future!

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The scan tools rely on power getting to the OBD2 connector in order to communicate with the ECU of the vehicle. First off, make sure the fuses under the hood and in the dash panels are all getting power past the fuses. Using a test light probe, use the slits on top of the fuses to verify power by placing the probe tip on each side of the fuse. Pin 16 of the OBD connector is usually the power supply connection and pin 4 is ground.

The warning lights in the dash are tied to the alternator circuit so make sure it is working correctly along with the wiring to it. If the power steering is electric make sure power is getting to the motor.

Hopefully you are able to at least somewhat capable of troubleshooting electrical issues as it seems there are issues you are going to have to deal with if you work on them yourself. Purchasing a factory wiring manual for the vehicle would be a good investment if you do this yourself.

Was the vehicule driven or sitting into hub deep water? If yes, you vehicule is a total loss.

Take it to a Toyota dealership, tell the what’s happening, and let them take it to their shop for a look-see. That’s the place to start. It might be something simple to fix. You wouldn’t think so with all those problems, but that’s the reason it might be something simple. There are only a few parts of the car that are in common with all those systems that are showing dash lights.

Thanks Cougar. This makes sense. Will try your suggestions

Does the vehicle have remote start?

Just drove it across a pool of water not even high enough to cover the tires, just that the water splashed unto the engine.

I wonder if the serpentine belt is slipping. This belt drives the alternator which might explain all the problems. In view of your last post about the water not covering the tires, I think this is likely to be the problem.