Toyota Rav4 brakes channeling their inner Snow-Plow

When I press the brakes at low speeds I get a sound like a snow-plow pushing over cement coming from around the front passenger-side of my 08 Toyota Rav4. Before I take it in to a shop, I was hoping someone might know what’s going on. When I press the brake I can feel a small amount of scraping and the sound gets louder the slower I’m going. My initial thoughts are that caliper may be uneven. It has been cold and snowy here in Chicago, so that could also be part of the issue.

Thanks for any help!

You probably just need a brake job. You’re probably down to metal-to-metal.

When was the last time you had your brakes looked at?

Sounds like you are going to need pads and rotors, but that’s just a guess.

Unfortunately, I think that both of the previous responses were correct.

Get out that credit card, drive (VERY slowly) to a trusted mechanic, and don’t be surprised if the brake pads are so badly worn that they destroyed the brake rotors.

Don’t beat yourself up over this. On Toyota’s, most mechanics want to replace the rotors at the same time the pads are replaced even if they haven’t worn metal to metal. Just do as VDCdriver said, very slowly, and I’ll add, carefully.

I agree with the others. Sounds like classic metal on metal brake grind. Your brake pads are completely worn out and you will need new pads and rotors.

Just been there, done that, got the T-shirt; that’s how it sounded on my 2007 RAV4 sport, the pads are down to metal.

Thanks for the responses! I’m gonna take it to the dealer for a recall anyways, so I suppose I’ll have them replace the brakes.

Any body know a decent mechanic in the west suburbs of Chicago?

My grinding sound, I swore, was comming from the front too.
Upon disassembly the culprit was the left rear !
metal to metal.
Took it in asap and didn’t need a rotor, they were able to turn the rotor and save it.

Called last night and I’m taking it in tonight. I’m hoping the rotor isn’t shot! Thank you everyone for the help!

A dealership will charge you the highest price possible for a brake job…On a good day (for them) they can work it into four figures…