2019 Toyota RAV4 EV - Two inportant issues

abnormal moaning and brake feel during slow coasting to a stop…snapping metal sound during turning

The metallic snapping sound during turning could be a failing front CV joint. It’s usually reported as “clicking”, but “snapping” might be used to describe the sound too. Ask your shop to inspect the rubber boots to see if any of the four have split. Esp likely if noticed during slow speed acute turns like in parking lots, or turning right after stopping at stop sign,

CV joint problems unlikely to be the culprit for the moaning sound during slow-speed braking. Likely caused by brake dust accumulation whcih is getting between pad and rotor surface. Cleaning the brakes might be all that is needed. If not, you may need new pads and rotors or perhaps just a pad/rotor re-surfacing treatment.