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Toyota RAV not on C&C list

The C&C guys list quite a few Toyotas as cars they don’t like (with fewer repairs needed, their revenue is less) – (I’m assuming I read this right). Anyway, they don’t list the RAV4. Any reason why? They list Honda’s CRV, and quite a few posters in the threads have mentioned the CRV as well. Am I missing something about the RAV? It seemed to be quite popular a year or so ago. Thanks. (I’m interested in a 2008 RAV, that’s why I’m asking.)

“The C&C guys list quite a few Toyotas as cars they don’t like (with fewer repairs needed, their revenue is less) – (I’m assuming I read this right). Anyway, they don’t list the RAV4”…perhaps based on your statement the reason why RAV4’s are not on the list is because they like them? I think RAV4’s are exceptionally reliable and maintenance free…(owned an '97 and have an '05 and '07)

Just because it’s not on their list doesn’t mean it’s not a good vehicle. There are lots of good, reliable, largely trouble-free cars they don’t have on their list. If they listed all the good bets for a trouble free car, it wouldn’t be a ‘top ten’ list anymore. The RAV4 is a nice, reliable, small SUV, so if you want one, you will probably have good luck with it. I think it looks better than the CR-V and is just as reliable.

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I had rented one off and on one summer to go up North, and liked it a lot. Plus, I felt comfortable driving it – my first time driving an SUV. I’m heading out to test drive an '08 and will post again when I find something. Thanks, again.

We have an 05 that’s been bullet proof living on a tough mountain road for it’s life time.
The newer like the 08 are really good. If it’s a 4cyl, I would try out the crv too, if it’s a 6 cyl, nothing else compares…jump on it for a decent price.

Have an '05 manual transmission…peppy and I agree maintenance free…wish they would make the newer ones with manual, had to get auto with my '07…

Thanks, to all. I’ll think of you when I listen to the show. I’ve read good things about the '05. For the amount I drive, and the prices, I’d love to find one. I started looking for an '08 because I had rented one and liked it. The CRVs are nice, too, however, they’re more expensive in my part of the country. I drove an Accord for 18 years and loved it, so I have many fond memories. Back when i got the Accord, I had wanted a Camry, but they were too expensive. So, for me, at least, the two have traded places (price-wise). Car shopping can be discouraging, so you’ve motivated me – thanks, again. I’ll let you know when I’ve got one parked in my garage.

My friends with the CRV all had AC problems. The compressor ate itself and filled the system with metal. The whole thing had to be replaced. One was under warranty and the other was not. $3000 I think was the final price.

Thank you. I appreciate your note about warranty, too – that variable has been part of my review.

I mentioned I would let you know when I bought a RAV . . . I did today: 2007 Base, Certified. Pacific Blue + Ash interior. One summer I’d rented several RAVs (2007 and 2008), and liked the Base. I liked the LTD, too, but don’t need the extras. I only test drove a few, but they didn’t drive like the one I bought – I thought maybe it was because it was Certified (what with getting it in shape). Whatever, it drives great. I’d read where the audio has gotten some bad press, but there, too, it sounds great. I’m happy, and I love driving it. Of course, after deciding on this one, the calls came in from other places where I’d been looking. But, getting to this point was a huge goal, and I feel good, so no need to rethink. I want to thank you all for commenting. You helped me through the process. Twenty years ago when I bought my Honda, all I saw were three or four lines saying the car was burgundy, 17,000 miles, one owner, Honda Accord. Today, the variables could fill a page. At some point, I decided to focus on the important one(s) to me – it drove great and it has a ton of safety features. Also, I got the Critical Habitat plate with fishing. It sparks many happy memories. Thanks, again.