Toyota Prius - Windshields past and future

Is the 2018 Prius windshield the same as the 2917 windshield? I had less than 5,000 miles on my break Prius when a small rock from passing truck dinged the windshield. The nick was small, looked like a little smaller than a pea sized asterisk. While driving back from Phoenix to Seattle, the nick turned into a crack covering 3/4th the way across the entire windshield. I drained my previous 2008 Prius for over nine years with plenty of tiny rock bouncing off the windshield with cracking. I found the issue of problem with 2017 Prius windshields possibly being defective. Are the 3027 & 2018 windshields the same? Is there a class action lawsuit filed regarding defective windshields for 2017 & 2018 Prouses?

For crying out loud , have you never heard of proof reading what you write ? Just call your insurance and have the windshield replaced.

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No, the 2917 uses transparent aluminum.

We won’t know until the 3027 comes out, rumor has it that it will be made of transparent carbon fiber.


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